Glass-Ionomer Cement

  • Bulk fill Glass Ionomer Cement
  • Mechanically resistant
  • Self-setting (acide/base reaction)

Indications :

  • Filling of occlusal caries and/or posterior contact point,
  • Filling of neck caries
  • NB: Use in pulp capping is contraindicated.

Protocol :

  • Application of Dentin Conditioner 20s, rinse and remove excess water (the surface has to be wet)
  • Tap the capsule on a hard surface to loosen the powder, push the piston in by hand
  • Insert into the applier and click the lever once
  • Remove the capsule from the applier and vibrate 10 seconds
  • Load the capsule in the applier and apply immediately
  • Wait for the setting (~2m30s)
  • Apply the Coat and photopolymerize 10s
  • Turbine spray finishing at least 2min30s after mixing, then reapplying a layer of Coat



Instructions for Use : Removed (privacy reasons)

Leaflet : Removed (privacy reasons)

Safety Data Sheet (powder) : Removed (privacy reasons)

Safety Data Sheet (liquid) : Removed (privacy reasons)




Relevant links (french)

Dentin Conditioner

Equia Coat


If you notice an event or risk of an adverse event during the use of this medical device, please report it by clicking on this link.




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